ARC of Motion™ is a
movement coaching method
designed to 
spark creativity,
enhance performance 
& promote wellbeing.

What is your ARC of Motion?

As human beings, we did not evolve to ‘exercise’, we evolved to move.

ARC of Motion™ is a mindful movement practice and coaching method that invites you to explore the way you move and flow through life. We all have a unique ARC of Motion. It is our movement signature. What is yours?

Who is ARC of Motion™ for?

The way we move reflects who we are. So, what does ‘the way you move’ say about you?

ARC of Motion™ is a practice for anyone who wishes to explore the way they move, develop new patterns that can promote healthy movement in every day life, or use their physicality to enhance professional performance.

Whether you’re an actor, dancer, musician, athlete, speaker, or someone looking to tap into your body’s potential, ARC of Motion™ is designed to give you the tools to be more Adaptable, Resilient and Creative, with an emphasis on sustainability and well-being.

ARC of Motion™ Coaching

Private Coaching

When we recognize how our body moves from moment to moment we have the opportunity to create new possibilities. Movement Coaching can give you the tools to take ownership of your body in motion, improve physical presence, prepare you for a performance or event, and provide support when training or learning a new skill.

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ARC of Motion™ workshops blend movement meditations with physical games that encourage curiosity through creative exploration.

‘Finding Flow’, ‘Movement Mapping’ & ‘Pause & Play’ workshops are available for all ages and physical abilities.


For those interested in learning more about the ARC of Motion™ coaching approach, including: movement meditations, biomechanics, and creative application. Mentoring is designed to support individuals who wish to have a more in depth understanding of the ARC of Motion™ method to incorporate it into their own practice or as a movement facilitator.

Cydney Uffindell-Phillips (FRCms)

Cydney has worked internationally as a choreographer and director, working with actors including Olivia Colman, Jonathan Bailey, Gal Gadot and Ken Watanabe. She is passionate about encouraging a sustainable and creative physical practice in work and play. As a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and a MOE performance coach, she incorporates a wide variety of physical disciplines and embodiment practices into her work. Cydney also offers her services as a movement director and movement consultant to support visual storytelling.

Cover Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash
Profile Photo by Derren Brown