What is your ARC of Motion?

As human beings, we did not evolve to ‘exercise’, we evolved to move.

ARC of Motion™ is a mindful movement practice and coaching method that is designed to spark creativity, and invites you to explore the way you move and flow through life. We all have a unique ARC of Motion. It is our movement signature.

Who is ARC of Motion™ for?

The way we move reflects who we are. So, what does ‘the way you move’ say about you?

ARC of Motion™ is a practice for anyone who wishes to explore the potential of their body, create more possibility for healthy movement in every day life, or use their physicality to enhance professional performance. Whether you’re an actor, dancer, musician, athlete, speaker, or someone looking to tap into your body’s potential, ARC of Motion™ is designed to give you the tools to be more Adaptable, Resilient and Creative, with an emphasis on sustainability and well being.

ARC Fundamentals


The first area of focus in ARC of Motion™ is increasing awareness through movement meditation and coaching exercises. When we recognise what our body is doing day to day we have the opportunity to create new possibilities.


Our range defines what we have access to. The more range we have the more freedom we have. What is your reach? Where do you encounter restrictions? Do you have access to different paths of movement? Can you embody a variety of rhythms?


“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Donald Hebb. Our patterns of movement are the habits and rituals that we have developed from experience.  How can we encourage new patterns to develop, and explore new ways to connect with the world around us?

‘Finding Flow’

Private Coaching

ARC of Motion™ coaching is centred on self-directed learning. My mission is to empower you to unleash your potential. We will explore how you are moving now, how it is serving you, where it could be restricting you, and how you want to be. We will identify ways to develop a movement practice that allows you to flow through life more freely in order to increase resilience, efficiency and creativity in body and mind.

‘The Zone’

Group Class

‘The Zone’ guides you through a mindful practice with movement meditation, followed by explorations, challenges and complex co-ordinations.  With inspiration from Movement Culture, Dance, and Martial Arts methods, you are invited to tune into how your body ripples in motion from head to toe.  Be prepared to explore movement sequences designed to improve agility, increase mobility, and build resilience. Experience a class that challenges you to get ‘in the zone’ and develop an embodied practice that will lead you to flow through life more freely as you work, rest and play.

‘Pause & Play’


How do you turn an obstacle into an opportunity? ‘Pause and Play’ dives deeper into the ARC of Motion™ practice, with increased focus on improvisation, partner work and games.

‘Movement Mapping’

Private coaching

Designed for actors and performers who are interested in exploring character physicality. We will create a movement map to inform and develop your character’s ARC of Motion.

How does your character approach obstacles? How do they connect with the world around them? How does their objective impact their movement?

Cydney Uffindell-Phillips (FRCms)

Cydney has worked internationally as a choreographer and director, working with actors including Olivia Colman, Jonathan Bailey, Gal Gadot and Ken Watanabe. She is passionate about encouraging a sustainable and creative physical practice in work and play. As a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and a MOE performance coach, she incorporates a wide variety of physical disciplines and embodiment practices into her work.

Studio photographs by Andi McLeish at Moov Vancouver.
‘Movement Mapping’ Photograph by Daniel Gonzalez from Unsplash.
Bio photograph by Derren Brown.