‘Finding Flow’

Health, Wellbeing, Focus & Mindfulness.

Increase awareness with Movement Meditations to explore how you are moving now, how it is serving you, where it could be restricting you, and how you want to be. We will explore a movement practice that allows you to flow through life more freely in order to increase resilience, efficiency and creativity in body and mind.

‘Movement Mapping’

Mindfulness, Performance & Movement Sustainability.

Designed for actors and performers to explore personal boundaries and character physicality. Participants will explore how to create a movement map and discover new paths to inform and develop a character’s ARC of Motion.

How does your character approach obstacles? How do they connect with the world around them? How does their objective impact their movement?

‘Pause & Play’

Mindfulness, Creativity, Connection & Mobility.

How do you turn an obstacle into an opportunity? ‘Pause and Play’ guides participants through a mindful practice with movement meditation, followed by explorations, challenges and complex co-ordinations.  With inspiration from Movement Culture, Dance, Physical Theatre and Martial Arts methods, you are invited to tune into how your body ripples in motion from head to toe.  Be prepared to explore movement sequences, improvisations, partner work and games designed to improve agility, increase mobility, and build resilience.

‘Finding Flow’ Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash
‘Movement Mapping’ Photo by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash
‘Pause & Play’ Photo by Andi Mcleish

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