ARC of Motion™ coaching is centred on self-directed learning.

The goal is to empower individuals to unleash their full potential through movement.

ARC Fundamentals

What does ARC of Motion™ focus on?

Increase awareness through movement meditations and coaching exercises.

Tune into your range of motion.
Our range defines what we have access to. The more range we have the more freedom we have.

Identify how you communicate with the world around you and explore new possibilities by training your mind-body connection.

ARC Foundations

How is ARC of Motion™ practiced?

Explore how your body is articulating itself. Recognize how to utilize it, control it, and expand your movement vocabulary.

Embody different rhythms to experience how they affect the way you articulate yourself and how they impact the quality of your movements.

Challenge yourself to execute new patterns of movement and practice how to turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

ARC Objectives

Be Adaptable
Be Resilient
Be Creative


Gesticulation & Body Language
Observe how you express yourself and communicate. Explore new possibilities.

Posture & Grounding
Tune into your relationship with gravity. How do you hold yourself and how do you connect with the world around you.

Investigate how movement patterns can support or restrict you.

Finding Flow
Develop habits, patterns, rituals or movement anchors that can support you in rest, work and play.

Movement Mapping
Explore the mind-body connection to dig deeper into how your body moves and discover new paths.


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